own brand

We offer "under own brand" the production of medical devices, dietary supplements and cosmetics in our modern equipped production factory.

We specialize in the production of:

  • specialist medical creams, emulsions, gels
  • dietary supplements: syrups, drops, sprays
  • body care products: olives, lotions, creams, bath and shower products
  • face care products: creams, oils, tonics, lotions and lotions for removing makeup, masks
  • intimate hygiene products
  • hair care products: shampoos, conditioners,
  • care products for children.


of production services

  1. Development of product composition and manufacturing technology. We offer preparation of a full product recipe and a comprehensive technological process. The study is accompanied by technological tests, designing the production process with critical control points, defining the quality requirements (for the raw materials, packaging and product used), preparing full production and quality documentation, and testing the stability of the final product. The scope of work performed is tailored to the client's needs and agreed with him.
  2. Assistance in reporting to relevant offices. We support in the process of preparing the documentation necessary for notification.
  3. Support for the design process of labels, cartons, tubes, etc.
  4. Purchase and storage of raw materials, packaging, prints.
  5. Comprehensive product production.
  6. Finished product quality tests.
    For our products, we perform qualitative research, the scope of which depends on the product category. For each manufactured product, documentation is carried out in accordance with GMP requirements and, at the client's request, stability tests are carried out and process validation is carried out.