Our offer is a response to all your needs and expectations related to the new product.

  • We advise and test new recipes at the design stage.
  • We carry out tests in a wide physicochemical and microbiological range.
  • We develop full product documentation and help in product registration.
  • We offer the best packaging and printed materials.
  • We guarantee the highest quality raw materials and proven effectiveness.
  • We offer a top-class machine park, providing a wide range of product forms, packaging types and high process efficiency.
  • We employ qualified specialists.

SALVENA offers you its experience, knowledge and a well-equipped production plant.

Dlaczego my?
Dlaczego my?


of product

We offer two product composition options:

Standard recipe

You can receive a standard recipe, one of many we have created. Our standard compositions include modern, effective and high-quality active substances.
Advantages of the standard recipe:

  • no formulation costs
  • quick product launch

Original recipe

Another choice is to have the original recipe developed just for your product.
Advantages of the original recipe:

  • original and unique composition of the product
  • the ability to create a recipe according to your own idea

What kind
of packaging?

We work with domestic and foreign packaging producers who have almost every packaging to offer. Their quality and durability guarantee the stability of the product, its high aesthetics and long service life, as well as ensure modern style.
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of actions

At the beginning:

  • Specify what you are looking for, what type of product you are interested in.
  • Consider whether you care about the original recipe of the product or you want to have checked the already developed product composition.
  • Indicate or ask us about the type of immediate packaging you expect.
  • Tell us whether the product is to be in the carton or if you anticipate a leaflet.
  • Specify the product weight.
  • Estimate the size of a single order.
  • Give your different expectations for the product.
  • Specify the scope of our service that interests you.
  • Fill out the inquiry form - it will significantly improve the offer process.

With the recipe data and the above information, our commercial offer will be prepared. After signing the cooperation contract for contract production:

  • Submit a graphic design of the printed material (label, cardboard box, leaflet) or provide the name of these materials.
  • Submit your order
  • Pick up the product
  • Introduce the product to the market and enjoy its sale
  • Develop your brand series with us